Cape Wrath Trail – Day 13 – Wednesday 28th May –Glendhu bothy to Rhiconich

The day dawned in Glendhu bothy to a dull morning with a high wind.  This was a shame as we were really looking forward to the views today.  We set off right, along the LR track towards Kylesku to the hydro works, turning right just past them to climb for about 3km.


We then descended the Bealach nam Fiann to Achfary Forest down to the A838 road and followed this to Lochstack Lodge.  Here, we turned left to follow a track past the lodge for about 4km, crossed the Allt an Riabhach and headed across rough, boggy ground for about 1km to the head of Loch a’Garbh-bhaid Mor and continued on the right hand side of the loch for another few kms.  This was very strength-sapping, and as the cloud was so low we did not see much.

We eventually arrived at the Garbh Allt river.  We had heard this could be a difficult river crossing but we fortunately found it very low.  I changed into my lightweight trainers to cross it, but it was no problem.

We eventually picked up a path along the Loch a’Garbh-bhaid Beag.  It was fairly boggy and hard going but it got much better as we neared Rhiconich.

The path got loads better and the skies cleared as we approach Rhiconich

The path got loads better and the skies cleared as we approached Rhiconich

View from Rhiconich Bridge back towards Arkle

View from Rhiconich Bridge back towards Arkle

View from outside the hotel at Rhiconnich. Aye, they're my lightweight camp trainers!

Aye, they’re my lightweight camp trainers!

It was with a fair amount of relief that we reached Rhiconich and its hotel where we were staying.  The day had cleared to a lovely evening and the setting was pretty lovely too.

The hotel was expensive for what it was – but there are limited options in this area and you do have to pay a bit more here, because it is remote and the cost of living is generally higher with less people.  It was fairly basic (although our room was lovely) and the excuse for a drying room was literally a cupboard full of junk!  The manager said we would be better off cranking the heating up in our room and drying it there, which we did and it was fine.  The staff were very friendly and we had a good home-cooked tea here in the back bar.

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