Cape Wrath Trail – Day 14 – Thursday 29th May – Rhiconich to Sandwood Bay

We set off from Rhiconich towards Kinlochbervie along the road.  Although the road walking itself was hard on the feet, we were treated to a gorgeous day and lovely views out over Loch Linchard and the coast.

At Kinlochbervie we stopped for a quick bite to eat and headed back along the road towards Sandwood Bay for another few miles.  Along here we met a woman who informed us alarmingly that there were ‘no toilets at Sandwood Bay, not even a bin to put your rubbish in!’  I guess that mindset comes from stunning Sandwood Bay attracting people from far and wide, but it’s a shame they arrive with these kinds of expectations of remote and wild land.

The path from the carpark to Sandwood Bay was in much better condition than some 10+ years ago when I visited before.  It also seemed much busier, with the carpark jam-packed and the hordes (or what seemed like hordes after seeing hardly anyone for a good few days) on their way back from the bay.

Walking up to the coos....yikes

Walking up to the coos….yikes

After the coos - phew!

After the coos – phew! (you can see they’re bothered like)

This part of the walk is pleasant though and a very easy 4 miles along great track to the stunning shoreline.  However we just wanted to get to Sandwood Bay, so keen we were to set up camp and enjoy the sublime surroundings.  Eventually we rounded a corner and glimpsed it.  The weather was fine and sunny all day – we felt incredibly lucky.

As we headed towards the shore and picked our way over the sand dunes, the view of the entire bay opened up.  Apart from another couple discreetly camping across the other side, we had the place to ourselves.  We crossed to the right shore and then north where we found a good spot to camp with a freshwater hillstream for water.

DSCF0471 DSCF0472

We sat and had our tea on top of a high grassy dune, overlooking the entire bay with its distinctive sea stack.  It really is an incredibly beautiful and atmospheric place.

Sunshine on Sandwood

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