Sgurr Breac & A’Chailleach (Fannichs)

The day after the Grey Corries was forecast to be miserable in Lochaber, but up north looked promising.  Ally and I settled on these two outliers of the Fannichs.  It meant a long drive up to the campsite at Ullapool but the reward was another fine day in the hills!

We parked up at the layby on the A832 that begins at the right of way to Loch Fannich.  The day was fair – at least the clouds were not covering the summits and it was staying dry, which is much to be thankful for this poor summer.  We began by following the track down to Loch a’Bhraoin.  We saw a couple of runners here and a guy backpacking.

Fannichs map



A new path directed us through a plantation to meet up with the stalkers path west of the Allt Breabaig burn.  Further on, a cairn marked where the path crossed the burn to continue on the other side.  The path was good, although still boggy in parts but made the climb up to the col relatively easy.




At the col we stopped for a quick break at a stone shelter and watched two tiny stick figures descend the long grassy slopes of Sgurr nan Each opposite.  We then began to make the climb up the SE spur of Sgurr Breac.  This looked awful steep so I was relieved to find an excellent path to aid us which zigzagged all the way up and along to the summit.

Stone shelter

Stone shelter

There were good views to Loch Fannich and the eastern Fannichs range, to the mountains of Torridon, and on the other side down to Loch Toll an Lochan and over to An Teallach and the Beinn Dearg hills.


Looking back down the route we’d come from

Looking back to the rest of the Fannichs range - Sgurr nan Clach Geala

Looking back to the rest of the Fannichs range – Sgurr nan Clach Geala

An Teallach

An Teallach in the distance

An Teallach

An Teallach (zoomed)

Torridon and Letterewe

Torridon and Letterewe (zoomed)

Soon we were at the summit.  We then climbed from here to the top of Toman Coinnich where we had a look at our descent options.  The shoulder of Sron na Goibhre looked like a rough and steep descent with a long and boggy trudge across the lower ground.  Descending via Druim Reidh looked preferable, although that also had a steep drop at the end, but we settled on this way.

Summit of Sgurr Breac

Summit of Sgurr Breac

We clambered down to the bealach and then up the ridge to A’Chailleach.  Torridon was looking particularly fine from here and there were great views again to Letterewe, An Teallach, the northern Corbetts and the Beinn Dearg range.

Loch Toll an Lochain

Loch Toll an Lochain

An Teallach again

An Teallach again



Summit of A'Chailleach

Summit of A’Chailleach

Having decided on the descent from Drum Reidh, we wandered back over to Toman Coinnich to start walking down via the broad ridge.  This turned out to be a very pleasant, long and easy descent on gentle grassy slopes, with a great view to An Teallach.


The slabs on Sgurr Ban

The slabs on Sgurr Ban in the Fisherfields


Descent via Drum Reidh


Looking back to the corrie and lochan of A’Chailleach


It got boggier and haggier towards the end but we had picked up a path that guided us through the worst of it.  Once we got to the drop at the end, we found the path continued, winding its way tightly round the crags.  It seemed a long way down and it was incredibly steep, so we were relieved when finally we reached the boggy floor of the glen.  Looking back up it looked impenetrable – I wonder how the path formed!  From there we picked up the initial stalkers path from the way in.

Looking back up the descent

Looking back up the descent

These were my first hills of the Fannichs range and I’m looking forward to the others at some point.  Ally and I had plans to backpack them all this summer, but with the forecasts being so poor and changeable, we’ve held it off because we really want to appreciate these ones.

8 thoughts on “Sgurr Breac & A’Chailleach (Fannichs)

  1. Stunning Rowena fantastic views. Love all your photos and love how you speak us through your walks its incredible. x


  2. 2 excellent days on the run – with no rain! 😀


  3. I love the Fannaichs but those two were my least favourites – that means you’ve got all the best ones to come! 😉

    We did that the other way around so we went up that steep craggy bit – I don’t think I’d have liked to come down it. Like you say though, there is a good path.


    • Yes, I thought that might be the case. Although these were enjoyable I did think there was something better hidden to the east 🙂
      We did consider going up the steep craggy bit but also thought the eastern shoulder of Sgurr Breac looked very steep and thought that would be best to ascend. As it was there was a path both sides 🙂


  4. […] doing the round of five from the opposite direction.  I remember looking up at this bealach just a few weeks previously and thinking it looked affa steep, and here I was, about to descend from […]


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