The Easians (near Roy Bridge)

Stob a’Choire Mheadhoin & Stob Choire Easian 

I originally planned to drive across to Loch Quoich after work on the Friday evening then spend the Saturday and Sunday walking up some of the hills there.  But the prospect of a long drive along the very long and very lonely Glen Quoich in the dark put me off so I decided to drive to Fersit on the Friday night instead.  It made a convenient stop-over and I could walk up the Easians the next day.

I arrived at Fersit early evening in the van and found a spot to camp near the wee lochan.  It was a bonnie spot, the lochan was perfectly still and there was not a soul in sight.  I was really tired and fell asleep quite soon after my tea and some Friday night wine.

Easians map

I woke up early in the morning just as it was getting light, and got going.  I drove round the other side of the lochan and headed off up the boggy track. The day was dull – not a good light for photos, but the autumn colours were really starting to show.  The views looking back gently opened up, but a lot of the tops were in cloud.




I climbed the path, getting soggier as it plateaued out.  I came to a sharp ascent that was a welcome relief from the bog but it was over too soon and I was up again on a higher plateau, this time in a cloud.





I couldn’t see anything ahead but carried on in the same direction and soon found myself at the summit of Stob a’Choire Mheadhoin.


Bonnie view



The cloud was sporadic from the summit and bits and wisps cleared here and there.





The next peak of Stob Choire Easian was now in cloud.  As I got closer, the cloud parted and the huge bulk of the mountain loomed out of the mist, giving me the heebs a wee bit!  I was cheered a bit by passing two guys coming in the opposite direction.  Company can sometimes be comforting on the hill when you get the heebs!


I got to the bealach and studied the potential way down.  It looked like a long, lonely glen of boggy horror.  I wasn’t sure if I was in the mood for that, having been scunnered of enough bog on the ascent.  This looked like it would be ten times worse.  I don’t usually like out and back routes but I decided against this way and to retrace my steps on the way back.




The climb up to Stob Choire Easian was straightforward enough but it really was a fine hill – very shapely, quite spectacular and the tiny summit was perched on top of the crags, looking straight down a vertical gully.  I sat and had my piece, contemplating the Glen of Boggy Horror.  I could see various groups coming down off Mheadhoin towards me, and eventually decided to make a move.


Looking back to Mheadhoin

Looking back to Mheadhoin

It was good to see the views on the way back out of the cloud, and I think I enjoyed the way back far more than the way out for that.  As I neared the steep drop-off before the large boggy plateau, I saw the track leading alongside Loch Treig to my right and decided to head back that way.  It wasn’t too much of a detour but would maybe avoid some of the bog I’d tramped over on the way up.






It was a bit of a heather bash until I reached the track but from there it was pleasant, walking alongside the loch framed by trees and past the pretty wee lochan where I had camped.



Passed this in the woods by the lochan

Passed this in the woods by the lochan


After a wash and change back at the van and a quick shop stop at Roy Bridge I drove off into the sunset to Loch Quoich for the next adventure.

5 thoughts on “The Easians (near Roy Bridge)

  1. alastairshaw2014

    Great report 🙂


  2. I’d rather drive along Loch Quoich at night I think – it’s always awkward if you meet oncoming vehicles, especially now they’ve started taking huge double logging artics right down to the end! But deer are a problem in the road at night…

    I take it you went up that ‘nose’ on Mheadhoin on the ascent ridge? I didn’t like the look of that so ascended to the ridge after I’d passed that bit in the glen below. How was it?

    I was lucky in that I wasn’t on a lone trip when I did those as I didn’t fancy the descent off Easain at all so went down the ridge which went to Lairig Leacach and texted Richard and my parents to pick me up at Corriechoille instead of Fersit.


    • It was fine when I went re traffic. I would have just got the heebs going down there at night for miles!
      The nose was fine – there was a path that twisted up through the rocks. It was steep but ok.


      • If I go up again, I’ll try the nose then – I’m assuming that’s a photo of the path on that photo of yours with the steep rocks above?

        I’ve slept down the end of Loch Arkaig in the car in the new carpark – it was nice and peaceful until the logging lorries arrived around 6. Not spooky at all…


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