2015 – the year in review

I’m a bit late to the party with reviewing last year but December was such a busy month (and I still have not caught up with all my trip reports).

However, 2015 was an epic year for being outdoors.  It was dominated by hills, hills and more hills with less running or cycling than in previous years as weekends away in the Bongo presided over any other plans.

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Carnethy Hill & Scald Law (Pentlands)

The day after our Galloway jaunt, the entire country was having a bath in a thunderous downpour.  We had hoped to get out and visit some more Galloway hills but it wasn’t to be. There was one tiny forecasted window of opportunity however, in the Pentlands.  The Pentlands are another range I had never visited until this weekend, and to be honest, not a range I would have gone out my way to get to, being low-lying, far from home and in the built-up Central Belt.   However it was a shame to waste so much money on petrol to get down this far south only to go home again so we decided to make a day of it, and duly drove up to near Penicuik the night before and camped in the van.

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